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Dorsett Counseling Services was established to provide a safe, authentic, caring, and compassionate environment for those who struggle with mental and emotional pain. Our desire above all, is to connect genuinely with all of our clients so that they know how deeply sincere we are about their path to wellbeing. We ask for the opportunity to join with you on your journey to personal wellness and a more fulfilling life experience.


Our vision is to embark on a journey with late teens and adult individuals on their journey to enhanced mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Regardless of what station in life a person finds themselves, they will experience  healthy acceptance, unconditional positive regard, and compassion without judgment.


When it comes to values the one that stands out and that we adhere to most is the amazing value and preciousness of human life. Integrity comes in next in that to establish trust with our clients we need to "walk our talk." Honesty, sincerity, authenticity, and integrity are all real time and aspirational values we consistently live by.


Our primary vision is to be able to help change the way we as a community interact with one another by appreciating and celebrating everyone's uniqueness and great value.  It may seem a huge vision but I believe that we can all be part of this working one relationship at a time as we all become healthier in how we see ourselves and those around us. 

Dorsett Counseling Staff


Bret Dorsett

It's ALL About Connection

Hello everyone! I am so pleased that you decided to stop by and take some time to get to know Dorsett Counseling Services. 

I have been in the mental health field about 20 years total and the last 11 years being a therapist and advocate of mental health services.


Our tag line is not just a "catch phrase." In my experience, most coming to explore counseling as a remedy for the life challenges they have faced, want to know that someone authentically and sincerely cares about them. We believe that this is the foundation which can open unlimited potential for change. We would love to be able embark on part of your path to wellness. Please let us know if we can help!

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